The Ultimate Plastic Fantastic

Its not often I endorse anything, if ever at all.  Its come to my attention that this particular bait is being somewhat overlooked, and its the best of the best.  Scores of lure manufactures are scrambling to pour new baits and strike it rich in our small marketplace, but this one is head and shoulders above the rest as far as results.  It works for calico bass, maybe better than anything else ever.  It also is a favorite for rockfish and sheepshead, yellowfin/bluefin/albacore love them too.  Want a hot bait for halibut, nothing tops it!

Not available in stores, but you’ll need to visit your favorite tackle shop for rigging supplies. This bait can be rigged weedless and tossed deep into kelp and structure without tearing. It can be fished drop shot method too, with great success.  Remember the “Flying Lure” infomercial from a while back?  Well, this bait can do that too!!!  Amazing, right?  So versatile, this bait can be fished for almost any saltwater species from surface to the deepest depths for swordfish.

So effective its not even allowed in the professional saltwater bass tournament circuits, it seems they want less effective baits to level the playing field and get guys searching for reaction bites instead of feeding these bass what they really want.

These baits can range in price from very expensive to absolutely free, and that depends on you and how bad you want it.  Have you guessed it yet?

When you are done throwing an artificial baits trying to coax a fish to eat something unnatural, with tired arms from casting and not from pulling on big fish…………………

Stop and fill the bait tank with some live squid.

*Note* This was meant for comedic and entertainment purposes only, and was not meant to threaten, insult, belittle, discredit or otherwise piss anyone off.

One thought on “The Ultimate Plastic Fantastic

  1. HAHAHA! Love it, and you had me for a second! Got squid? I really want to do a squid bait trip this year for the freezer. Happy New Year Cap!! May we be blessed with Health, work, and FISH this year. Keep writting, I love every second of it! lol SQUID!

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