And So It Begins

Its March 2014 and time for things to get rolling.  Most are playing the waiting game for the select few to find that first good batch of exotics that want to bite, and that is not such a bad plan.  For that select few however, its the hunt and the find that are the fun part.  There are a few ways things can be discovered, but only one true way to attain that bite of a lifetime all alone.

You just have to go.  Memories from last year, or years gone by send ideas flowing of where to start.  Maybe a glance at old notes or photos triggers this, or maybe you have a favorite early season starting point.  Some may study temperature charts or see signs from shore on a drive down Pacific Coast Highway.  However you end up in that magic spot, whether it be fate, luck or skill, you’ll take it.  Watching that first rod go off with the unmistakable peeling of line off the reel that absolutely cannot be a bat ray or a black seabass sends chills down your spine.  This is the pinnacle of Southern California Springtime fishing, nothing else even comes close.

Other times you may get a piece of information that “feels” right.  A whale watching boat sees a spot of birds working and the Captain tells a few friends.  Or maybe you see a light boat on a spot on your drive down PCH, or a few boats sitting on Newport Reef and decide you might want to join the party.  No matter how alone you are when you fish these spots and catch a few, this is not what its all about.  You missed the feeling of finding it yourself, and there is no way to justify it as your find.  Sorry guys, doesn’t work that way.

This time of year is the perfect opportunity to make something great happen, so why ruin it by calling people and asking for dope or checking the internet for signs, signals, clues or dead giveaways?  Take a chance and put your skills to work.  Anyone can drive a boat to where someone else found the fish, drop the pick and say you are fishing.  That will all come later in the season when every inch of the coastline and our islands are scouted and fished daily.  Take this time and make the most of it, you’ll learn so much more and take your fishing (catching) to a whole new level.

The best part is, this is a school of fish not wary or put down by erratic boats and pressure.  You’ll see your target species bite like you’ve never seen before.  The real trick once you’ve found this on your own is to keep it quiet.  Each and every year there are guys that consistently find these fish all alone and enjoy epic bites for days on end without telling a soul.  Its too good to share, and why would they?  It took lots of long nights and fuel to find them on your own, don’t give it to someone that will blow it up as theirs.

Fact is, its happening right now.  No cheating!  Just go.


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