Harsh Late Spring Winds A Good Thing

I love a little weather just before a trip.  You might be thinking, “is this guy nuts?”  Well, I just might be, but here is where I’m coming from.  When there has been a substantial bite in a certain area for a while (like the one off San Onofre this past week), then clients want to go THERE.  If I take them in search of fish where there is less boat traffic and I can hunt without the drama that goes along with fishing in a crowd, then they feel like we’re not where the fish are.  This whole scenario is one of the key things I teach at Captain On Board, hunting fish.  Seeing a small armada of boats gathered around so close that is becomes dangerous and plotting a course for the middle of the fleet, is not the ideal way to hunt for any fish, yet alone white seabass.  Can you catch a seabass by following others?  YES!  Is it as rewarding as finding them with your own fish hunting skills, NEVER!  I have a trip leaving tomorrow night to run a yacht for the Avalon Tuna Club white seabass/yellowtail annual tournament.  This tourney has some of my biggest heroes signed up every year, and I’m humbled just be be involved.  What this wind does is level the playing field to where we are all hunting without any “secret” information gathered during prefishing.  There IS NO prefishing due to this wind!  I may not be the guy with the best information, so having that “secret” stuff out of the picture just helps to level the playing field a bit, and I trust in my abilities to find fish.

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