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CAPTAIN SERVICES:  $600/day for each calendar day.  If the trip departs at 10pm to fish the next day, the fee will be $1,200.  Reason?  To be rested, prepared and ready to depart at 10pm I will not be able to work that day.  Also, I arrive early to prepare the boat and check engine fluids and safety equipment so a 10pm departure really means I start working about 5pm.  That’s just the way it is.

DELIVERIES:  $600/day or $2.50/mile (as agreed upon before departure) + expenses and food.  $500/day for trips over 7 days.  $350/day for trips over 2 weeks.   (Expenses  including but not limited to:  Travel or air fare.  Excess luggage rates.  Food, water.  Medical expenses if relating to injuries or illness on board.  Cab, shore boat or Express fees.  Repair/replacement costs for COB property that is damaged due to the negligence of the owner/client, his passengers or guests.)

CREW:  $150/day each crew member + expenses (as noted above).

SERVICES PROVIDED:  Operation of vessel at times when fishing, and traveling.  Oversight of mechanical systems and minor repairs made at sea.  Fish finding techniques provided and taught.  Weather monitored for comfort and safety, and techniques taught.  Assume responsibility of safety and well being of vessel and all passengers on board.  First aid and lifesaving responsibilities.  On deck duties including anchoring, rigging fishing tackle, gaffing and cleaning of catch and catching bait.  Fishing/angling techniques taught.  Short and long range navigation duties provided, and taught.  Tackle and vessel care and cleaning at the end of the trip, within reason.  Docking or mooring of vessel duties performed, and taught.


1)  Hours of service:  COB service is based on fishing and catching fish.  The responsibility of the boat owner to provide a “watch” during night travel, unless the trip is engaged in fishing at night.  COB cannot provide 24hr vessel operation unless crew has been hired for that purpose.  In cases of difficult/challenging navigation, bad weather or hazards, COB will take nighttime navigational watches, or be available to advise.

2)  Limitations of duties.  COB is unable to provide exemplary service if too much is asked of COB Captain or crew.  The owner (and guests) must assume some duties so COB can focus on the service they were hired to provide.

3)  Condition of vessel and equipment:  The owner assumes responsibility for all mechanical and tackle condition at the time of departure.  Pre-existing issues repaired/remedied at sea will be charged at the rate of $65/hr above the daily rate negotiated before departure.  Owner assumes responsibility for all safety equipment, working navigation lights, working anchor gear (minimum 200″ of rode WITH CHAIN and a proper sized anchor for the vessel).  Any safety equipment found not to be within the legal status as stated by the USCG will result in a terminated trip.

4)  Trip expectations.  The owner agrees to release all responsibility when it comes time for COB to perform the service they were hired to provide.  COB is dedicated to finding fish, keeping the vessel and its passengers safe, and teaching the vessel owner how to do the same in the future.  If the owner interferes with the COB captain and his duties, the owner now assumes all responsibilities and risks termination of the trip.  If the owner questions or hinders the fish finding abilities of the COB Captain, the trip is at risk of being terminated.  If the trip is terminated due to owner/Captain disagreement, the owner is still responsible for full payment of planned trip.

5)  Guarantees:  COB guarantees to provide 100% dedication to the services it was hired to perform.  COB guarantees to teach as much as the owner is willing to learn, without limitations.  COB guarantees to make every owner/client and passenger as comfortable and safe as possible.  With proper communication before and during the trip, COB can guarantee less stress and more enjoyment when the owner releases all responsibilities and lets the COB Captain perform his duties.

MECHANICAL SERVICES:  $65/hr (Time and Materials) 2 hour minimum.  Guaranteed on time.  Guaranteed completed on time.  

COB Mobile Marine Mission Statement:  At COB we don’t just fix problems, we solve problems.  The thought, engineering and planning that goes into each every COB project is aimed at making your boat more enjoyable to use.  Yes, actually use.  We don’t fix things that are prone to break again, we solve the problem.  From major retrofits and re-powers to simple plumbing and electrical troubleshooting, you know what we worked on just by looking at it.  The quality of workmanship is visible to even the untrained eye.  First and foremost we are Captains and operators, so we know how important it is to be able to repair something at sea.  Not at anchor, not when its flat calm, but actually out in reality.  Most of the boats that COB works on, are boats we operate.  So we do things to make your life, and ours, a lot more simple.  COB does not charge for drive time, set up or clean up.  We will save you money.  Not only by charging fair rates for services provided, but in future repair costs.  COB is so confident in its quality of service, every single project is covered with a full labor warranty (as long as you own the boat) for anything we design and complete.  If you want someone else’s engineering and workmanship repaired by us, there is no warranty.  So you see, we already know most boats are in serious need of a Captains touch in the engine room.  Just ask any owner we work for, they won’t use any other Shipwrights services, period.


Plumbing.  Fresh or saltwater.  Hydraulic.  Cooling systems and A/C.  Watermaker installation and troubleshooting.  Water tank repairs and new install.  Holding tank systems repair.  Head systems.

Electrical:  Full re-wires.  Troubleshooting.  Inverter system design and installation.  Battery systems.  Charging systems.  110V, 240V, 12/24/36V.

CUMMINS DIESEL:  Service.  Troubleshooting.  Cooling systems.  Installations.  Alignments.  Turbo repair.  Fuel systems.  Water pumps.  Crankcase vent filters.  Custom work.  

Anchor winch:  Repair.  Sales.  Installation.  Troubleshooting.

Electronics:  Installation, troubleshooting.

Fiberglass:  Repairs.  Fabrication.  Advanced epoxy proficient.

Fuel systems:  Design.  New.  Installation.  Filtration.  Simplify.

Decks/non-skid:  New decks installed.  New non-skid.  LP or gel coat.  Epoxy or Polyester resin.

And more……

State of the art tools, truck, equipment and full fabrication shop. 

MAJOR RETROFITS AND RE-POWERS:  Let COB bid on your major project.  We have full references and they will all say that the work was done faster and for less money than anyone else even dreamed.  Guaranteed.  Photos, videos and actual boats are all available to see if you have any questions about COB quality.  Every boat COB has done major work on is still in turn-key condition, and that is no accident.  








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